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roman blinds instructions

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What on earth is the difference between being religious and being right with G-d?

What on earth is the difference between being religious and being right with G-d?

Barbara Chapmonds Personal Salvation Testimony

I “had” a Religion

I “was” Religious then, I “got” Saved

When I was a young child I “had” a Religion.

I remember my parents taking me to church on Sundays as a family, this was a weekly routine.

When I became a teenager, I “had” another, new Religion and I went to church with my best friend every time the doors were open. In my church going experiences I remember “hoping” Jesus would come when I was in church, that’s because I was not sure about my relationship with Jesus, (I wasn’t saved, only thought I was).

I remember being “religious” and talking the talk. I was good at telling people what they should and shouldn’t do to stay out of hell. I really thought I was saved and on the right track, you could not tell me any different!!

Having an “experience or seeing a light” is not “salvation”.

You must admit your a “sinner” and “confess” your sins to Jesus and ask Him to personally “come into your heart”.

You don’t have to “change first or clean up first”.

Just trust Him from your “heart” and He will do the rest as you grow in your relationship to Him.

Before I got saved, I don’t remember sharing the “Love of Jesus” or even leading anyone to Jesus.

How sad. I was “blinded by the devil” and caught in the “Religious Trap”, like so many are. Satan knows the Bible to, he can make things “Look Godly” when they aren’t.

When I was a teen and even up until I “really got saved” at the age of 27, I was taught you could lose your salvation.

Often times you will hear people say they are “backslidden” or they got saved one time, but they aren’t now.

They only “Hope” they will go to Heaven. It doesn’t have to be that way, you don’t have to go down that “trail”!

When the Holy Spirit started dealing with me about salvation, I was in a church revival service.

The only other people attending, were church members. I thought to myself, “why are they preaching on salvation, everyone here is saved”.

I was uncomfortable with the preaching, so I thought, maybe God is talking to me and I need to get saved (remember, I thought I was for years).

I remember quietly, and only to myself, while sitting in the pews saying, “Ok Lord Save Me” amen.

That didn’t do anything for me. In my soul there was a “black, dark space” an empty place that needed something, I just didn’t understand what it was.

That evening, I went next door to a church members home, I sat on the floor around the coffee table and talked to her about my life.

For about two hours, it was a fight in my spirit/heart, I had to “give up” my good deeds/works and confess I was really a sinner and needed Jesus.

I remember ONE QUESTION my friend asked me, “What has Jesus done for you, you told me what you’ve done for Him, but what has He done for you? You talk about Jesus and the Holy Spirit getting my attention!

So I prayed, gave all my good deeds to Jesus, confessed to Him I was a sinner and I needed Him to come into my heart and save me; by faith, not counting on any “feelings”.

That’s it!

So simple, but it was from my HEART, not my head knowledge this time. Jesus saves “one time” and He seals and keeps you as His child forever.

After salvation, we need to get into Gods Word, ask Him to show us how to live, follow His Instructions and bear fruit. That means there will be a change in our hearts, attitudes, friends, places we go, and things we say. The Holy Spirit will guide you.


Talk to Him Today.

Romans 10: 9& 10


Isa. 12:2 - Surely God is my Salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The Lord is my strength and my song, he has become my Salvation.

Isa. 25:9 - In that day they will say, “Surely this is our God; we trusted Him and He Saved Us. This is the Lord, we trusted in Him, Let us rejoice and be glad in His Salvation.

Zechariah 9:9 - Rejoice greatly, O Daughter of Zion! Shout Daughter of Jerusalem! See your King comes to you, righteous and having Salvation, gentle and riding on a donkey, on a colt, the foal of a donkey.

Luke 19:9&10 - Jesus said to him, (Zacchaeus) “Today Salvation has come to this house, because this man, too, is a son of Abraham, for the Son of Man (Jesus) came to seek and save what was lost”.

Acts 4:12 - Salvation is found in NO ONE ELSE, for there is no other name under Heaven given to men by which we must be saved, Salvation comes no other way, no other name has or will be given to us by which we can be saved, only Jesus!

Romans 1:16 - I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the Salvation of “everyone” who “believes”.

II Corinthians 7:10— Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to Salvation and leaves NO REGRET, but worldly sorrow brings death!

II Timothy 3:15 - The Scriptures are able to make you wise for Salvation through your faith in Jesus.

Titus 2:

Papal visit to His Holiness Pope John Paul II

Papal visit to His Holiness Pope John Paul II

Former Philippine First Lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos Papal visit to His Holiness John Paul II at the Vatican, Rome, Italy.

His Holiness John Paul II

Karol Jozef Wojtyla, known as John Paul II since his October 1978 election to the papacy, was born in the Polish town of Wadowice, a small city 50 kilometers from Krakow, on May 18, 1920. He was the youngest of three children born to Karol Wojtyla and Emilia Kaczorowska. His mother died in 1929. His eldest brother Edmund, a doctor, died in 1932 and his father, a non-commissioned army officer died in 1941. A sister, Olga, had died before he was born.

He was baptized on June 20, 1920 in the parish church of Wadowice by Fr. Franciszek Zak, made his First Holy Communion at age 9 and was confirmed at 18. Upon graduation from Marcin Wadowita high school in Wadowice, he enrolled in Krakow's Jagiellonian University in 1938 and in a school for drama.

The Nazi occupation forces closed the university in 1939 and young Karol had to work in a quarry (1940-1944) and then in the Solvay chemical factory to earn his living and to avoid being deported to Germany.

In 1942, aware of his call to the priesthood, he began courses in the clandestine seminary of Krakow, run by Cardinal Adam Stefan Sapieha, archbishop of Krakow. At the same time, Karol Wojtyla was one of the pioneers of the "Rhapsodic Theatre," also clandestine.

After the Second World War, he continued his studies in the major seminary of Krakow, once it had re-opened, and in the faculty of theology of the Jagiellonian University. He was ordained to the priesthood by Archbishop Sapieha in Krakow on November 1, 1946.

Shortly afterwards, Cardinal Sapieha sent him to Rome where he worked under the guidance of the French Dominican, Garrigou-Lagrange. He finished his doctorate in theology in 1948 with a thesis on the subject of faith in the works of St. John of the Cross (Doctrina de fide apud Sanctum Ioannem a Cruce). At that time, during his vacations, he exercised his pastoral ministry among the Polish immigrants of France, Belgium and Holland.

In 1948 he returned to Poland and was vicar of various parishes in Krakow as well as chaplain to university students. This period lasted until 1951 when he again took up his studies in philosophy and theology. In 1953 he defended a thesis on "evaluation of the possibility of founding a Catholic ethic on the ethical system of Max Scheler" at Lublin Catholic University. Later he became professor of moral theology and social ethics in the major seminary of Krakow and in the Faculty of Theology of Lublin.

On July 4, 1958, he was appointed titular bishop of Ombi and auxiliary of Krakow by Pope Pius XII, and was consecrated September 28, 1958, in Wawel Cathedral, Krakow, by Archbishop Eugeniusz Baziak.

On January 13, 1964, he was appointed archbishop of Krakow by Pope Paul VI, who made him a cardinal June 26, 1967 with the title of S. Cesareo in Palatio of the order of deacons, later elevated pro illa vice to the order of priests.

Besides taking part in Vatican Council II (1962-1965) where he made an important contribution to drafting the Constitution Gaudium et spes, Cardinal Wojtyla participated in all the assemblies of the Synod of Bishops.

The Cardinals elected him Pope at the Conclave of 16 October 1978, and he took the name of John Paul II. On 22 October, the Lord's Day, he solemnly inaugurated his Petrine ministry as the 263rd successor to the Apostle. His pontificate, one of the longest in the history of the Church, lasted nearly 27 years.

Driven by his pastoral solicitude for all Churches and by a sense of openness and charity to the entire human race, John Paul II exercised the Petrine ministry with a tireless missionary spirit, dedicating it all his energy. He made 104 pastoral visits outside Italy and 146 within Italy. As bishop of Rome he visited 317 of the city's 333 parishes.

He had more meetings than any of his predecessors with the People of God and the leaders of Nations. More than 17,600,000 pilgrims participated in the General Audiences held on Wednesdays (more than 1160), not counting other special audiences and religious ceremonies [more than 8 million pilgrims during the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000 alone], and the millions of faithful he met during pastoral visits in Italy and throughout the world. We must also remember the numerous government personalities he encountered during 38 official visits, 738 audiences and meetings held with Heads of State, and 246 audiences and meetings with Prime Ministers.

His love for young people brought him to establish the World Youth Days. The 19 WYDs celebrated during his pontificate brought together millions of young people from all over the world. At the same time his care for the family was expressed in the World Meetings of Families, which he initiated in 1994.

John Paul II successfully encouraged dialogue with the Jews and with the representatives of other religions, whom he several

roman blinds instructions

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